How Tree Trimming Can Help Elevate Your Landscaping


Well-planned and properly executed tree trimming can go a long way toward bettering the look of your landscaping—and, in conjunction, beefing up your property value! A neglected or poorly tended tree can quickly become on the unsightly side of things, suffering from overgrowth, dieback, maybe an expansion of deadwood. Such trees often pose a safety […]

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When to Prune Georgia Peach Trees


Peaches, of course, are intimately associated with Georgia. With better than 130 million pounds of these delectable fruits produced here each year, it’s little surprise they call us the Peach State.  Alongside large commercial orchards, many homeowners and gardeners enjoy having a peach tree, or even a small grove, on their property—for the ripe fruits, […]

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Advantages of Vista Pruning

Vista Pruning

Maintaining beautiful, shade-casting, property-enhancing trees while also allowing for sightlines is a goal of many homeowners in metro Atlanta. The reality is that achieving such a goal requires judicious, responsible pruning: the shaping of a tree’s crown that fulfills aesthetic needs without injuring the tree itself. This kind of pruning is often called “vista pruning,” […]

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