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Reasons For Having Tree Cables or Braces Installed

If you are wondering about whether some of your trees require cables or braces, here are some of the most common reasons for why supplemental support is provided.

Preservation or Restoration

If a tree’s trunk is starting to split or you are able to identify decay or weak spots, your tree is in a damaged state and may be on the edge of overextending itself. This can occur due to a variety of reasons such as when a tree is injured due to storms, high winds, extreme temperatures and heavy foliage. The good news is that trees can often be restored through adding a support system consisting of the use of tree cables and braces.


Larger trees can sometimes become hazardous especially if they are close to your home or located within a populated area. This is why it is so important to have an experienced arborist assess any suspected tree damage. An arborist, commonly referred to as a tree surgeon, is a specialist in tree care and maintenance who can make a recommendation regarding whether a tree should be removed or supported through the use of cables and braces.

Why You Should Always Hire Tree Cabling Professionals

Although it may seem possible to conduct tree cabling yourself, it is not a simple task. The tree cabling process involves climbing the tree using ladders and having to know where to drill holes in the tree. The cables must also be placed properly and should be nice and tight in order to adequately support the tree. All of these tasks are best handled by a certified arborist because doing this yourself is dangerous to you and the tree.

Bracing rods, often used in conjunction with cabling to support splitting limbs by bolting them together, should also be installed by tree professionals. An arborist is best for this job because they have the knowledge and expertise to determine whether the installation of braces will benefit your at-risk tree. It’s important to note that not all structural tree defects can be corrected using braces or cables, which is why professionals should be consulted.

In addition to tree experts having the expertise and skills required to properly perform tree cabling and bracing, they also carry the proper insurance to carry out the job. Tree experts like those from Excel Tree Care carry the proper insurance so that you won’t have any liability. Our tree professionals will also conduct a comprehensive risk assessment before pursuing work on your tree, which helps to avoid potential incidents.

If your tree is in need of structural assistance, there is no better team to work with in the Atlanta area than the professionals at Excel Tree Care. Call Excel Tree Care today for a free estimate.

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