When to Worry About a Leaning Tree?

leaning tree in park

A leaning tree can definitely be a cause for concern, though it’s not always a problem. Indeed, many trees may develop a naturally leaning growth form due to genetics or site conditions which is perfectly sustainable. But a lean may also be a sign of a serious underlying problem—and quite possibly a serious liability and […]

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Managing Winter Injury & Ice Damage to Leyland Cypress

Leyland Cypress

An exceedingly common landscaping tree in Georgia (and across large swaths of the country), Leyland cypress is prized for its rapid growth and dense evergreen foliage, which translates to a planting nicely suited to forming privacy screens, hedges, and windbreaks. But this hybrid cross between two West Coast conifers—the Monterey cypress, which has a naturally […]

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Tips for Winter Tree Care

snow covered trees in winter

True, winters in Atlanta aren’t all that bad compared to much of the country – and that’s the way most of us like it! That said, wintertime in this part of the country can still be a bit on the harsh side, with wild temperature swings, ice storms, and cold winds. All of that speaks […]

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Advantages of Vista Pruning

Vista Pruning

Maintaining beautiful, shade-casting, property-enhancing trees while also allowing for sightlines is a goal of many homeowners in metro Atlanta. The reality is that achieving such a goal requires judicious, responsible pruning: the shaping of a tree’s crown that fulfills aesthetic needs without injuring the tree itself. This kind of pruning is often called “vista pruning,” […]

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