Advantages of Vista Pruning

Vista Pruning

Maintaining beautiful, shade-casting, property-enhancing trees while also allowing for sightlines is a goal of many homeowners in metro Atlanta. The reality is that achieving such a goal requires judicious, responsible pruning: the shaping of a tree’s crown that fulfills aesthetic needs without injuring the tree itself. This kind of pruning is often called “vista pruning,” […]

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Can You Save a Decaying Tree?

Decaying Tree Care

The decline of a cherished tree can be hard to watch—not to mention potentially anxiety-inducing, as you wonder whether a specimen in your yard is compromised enough to pose a risk to life and property. But is a tree showing signs of decay altogether doomed? And, if not, what can be done to reverse the […]

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Why Is My Tree Losing Leaves In The Summer?

It’s summertime and living should be easy, but that may not be the case for trees losing their leaves in the metro Atlanta area. While the climate in the metro area is considered subtropical with four distinct seasons, summer tends to be sizzling and humid, which can take a toll on trees. Water and Temperature […]

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