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Trees add considerable value to any residential or commercial landscape so it is important to protect your investment by keeping up with your trees’ health and appearance. This is where Excel Tree Care can assist! Our tree care professionals offer a variety of tree services in and around the Atlanta area including in the city of Suwanee. Whether you are looking for tree services like tree care maintenance, tree removal, trimming, stump grinding or land clearing, the tree experts from Excel Tree Care have you covered.

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Tree Crown Maintenance in Atlanta GA



If your Suwanee area home or business is in need of tree services such as tree trimming, Excel Tree Care provides an array of options for dealing with overgrown or unhealthy trees residing on your property.

There are numerous types of tree trimming that can be done to your tree’s crown, which is the area including all the visible leafs, branches and blooms. There is tree crown cleaning that involves removing dead, damaged and diseased wood to make way for healthy foliage. This form of tree trimming is helpful for ensuring mature trees remain healthy and safe because in removing weakened areas, you are reducing the risk of wind damage.

Another type of tree pruning is tree crown thinning, which involves removing smaller branches (less than 2 inches in diameter) from the upper and outer canopy of the tree. With this type of pruning, overgrown branches are removed to decrease the weight on the tree’s limbs while increasing lightflow to stimulate healthy growth.

When looking to clear sight lines, improve views, get more light or create more room between the ground and lower tree branches for things like vehicles, people or buildings, you will require tree crown raising. This type of tree trimming involves removing low hanging tree growth to create additional space between the ground and lowest branches of the tree.

For trees that appear to be outgrowing their space or that contain defective, heavy or overextended branches, tree crown reduction can help! Reducing the size of the tree’s crown helps minimize tree stress and is a safe pruning method because it promotes faster healing and regrowth over alternative methods such as tree topping, which can harm your trees.

If you are in need of a tree service such as crown maintenance in Suwanee, hire a tree expert from Excel Tree Care. Improper tree trimming leaves trees susceptible to damage, disease and decay and our tree care professionals have the expertise needed to correctly complete the job.



The tree experts at Excel Tree Care provide tree removal services to residents and business owners in Suwanee, GA. Excel Tree Care professionals provide residential tree removal services as well as 24/7 emergency response for any urgent tree removal needs. In Georgia, the ground can become too wet and when the wind blows, trees come down so Excel Tree Care is here to help in those emergency situations. Tree removal is dangerous work and should be left to tree professionals.

Limb & Tree Removal in Atlanta GA
Stump Grinding



After a tree falls or is cut you are left behind with an unsightly stump. This stump may not only be an eyesore but can pose a hazard to people and your property as people can trip over an unseen stump. Tree stumps can also be damaging to your home as stumps often appeal to bugs and pests as they begin to rot. To avoid these hazards, it is best to have the tree stump removed. This can be accomplished through grinding the stump. The experts at Excel Tree Care offer professional stump grinding services to remove the tree stump and create the safest and most visually appealing environment for your home or business in Suwanee, GA! Contact Excel Tree Care today to obtain a free quote for our stump grinding services.

Emergency Tree Services for Suwanee Residents

Are you dealing with trees that have been damaged by a storm or winds? Whether you have a tree that is starting to fall or that has already fallen and may be on your property or blocking a driveway or road, Excel Tree Care can help. At Excel Tree Care, we provide emergency tree removal services in Suwanee and surrounding areas of Atlanta. Excel Tree Care professionals can resolve your tree issues safely and efficiently and our tree removal professionals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact us today!

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Excel Tree Care offers the best tree services in Suwanee, GA. At Excel Tree Care, we guarantee the best results for your tree care and removal needs. Our tree care professionals utilize low-impact methods so we leave your property in Suwanee, GA in its best shape! Excel Tree Care is also fully licensed and insured and has been certified for quality assurance.

To learn more about our tree care services, call Excel Tree Care today at 404-964-6508 or drop us an email at tyler@exceltreecare.com. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your tree services needs.