Tree Removal Services

From the Experts at Excel Tree Care

Benefits of Tree Removal Services

Provides Safety

As previously mentioned, it is important to remove old, damaged, dead and diseased trees from your property. Removing these damaged trees greatly reduces the risk of an accident such as a tree falling on your property. By hiring a tree removal company like Excel Tree Care, you are removing the possibility of a tree damaging your property or causing an injury to you, a family member or guest.

Tree Limb Removal

Helps Preserve Foundation, Driveways, Sidewalks & Plumbing

The root zone of a tree can be extremely large and as it grows, it can lift and damage concrete structures like your home’s foundation, driveways and walkways. Tree roots can also damage and clog underground pipes since trees naturally gravitate towards water and plumbing lines. This type of damage can be very costly so it is often best to remove encroaching trees before they cause damage.

Keeps Your Yard Healthy

If the reason you are seeking tree removal services is because you are dealing with sick trees, it’s important to note that diseased trees spread disease. Often tree disease consists of a powdery mildew, which is an airborne infection that can easily spread and impact other trees and plants in the area. Once the spread occurs, it can be very difficult to identify so it is best to hire a professional to nip the problem in the bud at the first sign of tree sickness.

Promotes a Pest Free Environment

Removing dead or decaying trees is extremely beneficial for pest prevention. This is because deadwood often lures in scavenging pests like rats, termites, wood borers and carpenter ants. These pests and vermin can also negatively impact more than the dead trees in your yard as they have the potential to intrude into the foundation of your house.

Improves Property Value

Tree landscape design can hurt or help your home’s value. In fact, if your property possesses poor landscape design, it can set back your home’s value by as much as 10 percent. Elements of a poor design may include trees that are too close to buildings or fences as well as trees that are dead, dying or diseased. Removing unsightly and damaged trees can also provide better views and improve the curb appeal of your home, which can also contribute to boosting property value.

Why You Should Always Hire Tree Removal Experts

Tree Removal can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing so in hiring professionals, you are guaranteeing the safety of yourself and others. Tree removal experts know what they are doing and have the right tools to get the job done in a safe and efficient manner.

Using a professional tree removal company like Excel Tree Care also ensures your property is protected because licensure and insurance is carried by the business.

Tree removal specialists also have the expertise needed to ensure trees are properly and completely removed. Leaving a stump behind may seem fine but over time, can begin to rot making it a perfect home for damaging pests.

Tree care professionals also make it a priority to protect remaining trees and shrubs from being damaged during the tree removal process. They will also haul away all of the tree’s roots, trunk and branches, which will leave you with zero mess.

As you can see, it is much safer to use professionals when removing a tree from your property. It will also be less time consuming and efficient for you to call upon the expert so if you are in need of tree removal services in Atlanta or a surrounding area, contact Excel Tree Care for a free estimate!

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