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Beautiful trees can help raise property value, protect the planet and save on energy by helping to break the cold winds to lower heating costs or by providing shade, which helps reduce cooling costs. Keeping up with regular tree care maintenance helps sustain their health and appearance. This is where Excel Tree Care can assist! Our experienced arborists and tree care professionals can provide the services required to keep your Roswell property looking pristine. 


If in need of tree services, Excel Tree Care provides numerous options. Our tree maintenance services provided to customers in Roswell, GA include a variety of different types of tree trimming and pruning.

Crown Cleaning – If you identify a tree’s health is declining, that tree may benefit from crown cleaning. This form of tree pruning consists of removing dead, dying, diseased or broken limbs. It may also include the removal of branches that are competing with one another, which allows healthy foliage to flourish. Crown cleaning is also a helpful form of tree maintenance for it helps to clean or remove dangerous branches that could be hazardous to property and people.

Crown Thinning – This type of tree pruning is done with the intention of thinning out the fullness of a tree. Tree thinning may be completed in order to shape a tree, let more light in, provide protection from wind, remove damaged limbs or to increase the production of flowers and fruit. Tree crown thinning involves removing smaller branches that are less than 2 inches in diameter and that are part of the tree’s upper and outer canopy.

Crown Raising – This form of tree trimming or pruning involves removing the lower branches or limbs of a tree in order to create vertical clearance between the ground and lower branches of the tree. This popular form of tree maintenance is often requested when people require more room for vehicles, property or signs. Tree crown raising may also be completed to clear sight lines or to increase the amount of light entering a house, business or nearby area.

Crown Reduction – This type of tree pruning or trimming involves lessening a tree’s height and spread by removing top branches. This is generally done in order to reduce tree stress and adjust tree size when a tree is outgrowing its space.

It is advised to always have tree pruning and trimming completed by trained arborists. It is important to hire trained professions for your tree care needs because if not done correctly, incorrect pruning or trimming can cause trees to be susceptible to disease, rot and additional damages. If you are in need of tree care services in Roswell, GA the tree care experts at Excel Tree Care can help!

What We Do

Whatever service you need, Excel Tree Care prides itself on performing low-impact work on your property. Since he grew up as a backpacker, Tyler adopted the “leave no trace” camping ethic. He has transferred that belief and mindset over to tree work.


To help with landscaping and clean up efforts, the professionals at Excel Tree Care provide tree removal for home and business owners in Roswell GA. Our fully licensed and insured experts can remove entire trees or single limbs depending on your needs. Leaving tree removal to the professionals is crucial because we have both the knowledge and equipment necessary to safely complete the job.


Depending on their location, tree stumps can present a tripping hazard to people and guests. They can also be damaging to lawn equipment if run over by mistake, or become a home to bugs and pests as they begin to rot. For these reasons, working with a company like Excel Tree Care to grind and remove any remaining tree stumps can be beneficial. 

Emergency Tree Services for Roswell, GA Residents

Has a tree on your property been damaged by a storm or winds? Not to worry! Excel Tree Care provides 24/7 emergency tree services in Roswell, GA. Our fully licensed and insured team of professionals will safely and efficiently remove the damaged trees, leaving no trace behind. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Why Choose Excel Tree Care?

Excel Tree Care guarantees the best results for your tree care and removal needs. Our company employs only the best tree service professionals that utilize low-impact methods that will leave your Roswell, GA property in the best shape.

To learn more about our tree care services, call Excel Tree Care today at 404-964-6508 or drop us an email at We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your tree services needs.