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Excel Tree Care Provides Top-Tier Tree Trimming Services in Atlanta

We take great pride in executing low-impact work on your property. Our comprehensive services cover everything from the beginning to the end, ensuring a thorough cleanup once the job is completed. We employ protective mats to safeguard your property during the process, and immediate hauling away of debris is part of our commitment to a seamless and efficient service. Your satisfaction and the pristine condition of your property are our top priorities. 

The Importance of Tree Trimming

Our dedicated team at Excel Tree Care is committed to enhancing the beauty and health of your trees through professional tree trimming, contributing to the longevity and sustainability of your outdoor spaces.

Deadwood Removal

Deadwood removal is a vital practice that plays a pivotal role in maintaining the health and safety of trees. It’s essential in tree care because it helps prevent the spread of diseases, stops pests from causing problems, and ensures the overall well-being of the tree. The process involves the careful elimination of dead or decaying branches, which, if left unchecked, can pose significant risks. Additionally, deadwood removal also promotes proper air circulation, reducing the likelihood of hazardous branch failure. 

Crown Cleaning 

Crown cleaning is a tree trimming practice that involves the selective removal of dead, diseased, or weak branches from the crown or canopy of a tree. During crown cleaning, our arborists carefully inspect the tree and identify branches that may be dead, diseased, or structurally compromised. These branches are then pruned and removed to enhance the overall health and appearance of the tree. Crown cleaning serves several purposes, including reducing the risk of disease spread, preventing pest infestation, promoting better air circulation, and allowing more sunlight to reach the inner branches. 

Roof and House Clearance

Effective tree pruning for roof and house clearance is a critical aspect of property maintenance. By trimming branches away from buildings, you mitigate the risk of potential damage caused by falling limbs during storms or other severe weather conditions. Beyond safeguarding the structural integrity of the property, tree pruning for roof and house clearance also reduces the likelihood of branches interfering with power lines. 

All Natural Tree Services You Can Depend On

From tree trimming and cutting to tree removal, Excel Tree Care offers affordable tree service in the North Atlanta Area. Our experts deliver the best care when removing damaged trees.