Tree Pruning Services

From the Experts at Excel Tree Care

Are the trees or shrubs on your Atlanta area property looking overgrown or unhealthy?

If so, Excel Tree Care can assist!

Our trained arborists can greatly improve the health of your trees and shrubs through carrying out tree pruning services. Pruning is the process of selectively eliminating branches from a tree with the intent of improving the tree’s structure through directing new growth.

Tree pruning services are a smart investment because you will be contributing to the long-term health of your trees and shrubs while also improving the aesthetics and safety of your residential or business property.

Benefits of Having Trees & Shrubs Professionally Pruned

Tree trimming can not only be tiresome, but can also be quite dangerous. Property owners that take on this task as a do it yourself project can become injured by falling tree limbs or branches and run the risk of being hurt when improperly using equipment. It is for these reasons that tree pruning is best left to professionals like those at Excel Tree Care.

In addition to professional tree pruning being safer, when hiring a company like Excel Tree Care, you can rest assured the job will be completed the right way. Excel Tree Care employs certified arborists that understand tree biology and that know how to properly prune trees. Pruning is best left to the professionals because improper pruning can cause long term damage that can ultimately shorten a tree’s life.

When pruning is done correctly, it is one of the best things you can do for your tree. Pruning promotes solid tree health through removing dead, broken, damaged and diseased branches and in the process, saves people and property from becoming damaged. Pruning also improves the appearance of trees while allowing them to get more sunlight, which is beneficial to the tree and plants beneath it. Tree pruning also helps shape newer trees through creating a solid branch structure. In fact with regular tree pruning services, you can guide and manipulate tree growth in a particular way that enhances the look of your residential or commercial property.

Types of Tree Pruning

Excel Tree Care offers various types of tree pruning services. In addition to tree crown maintenance services including crown cleaning, crown raising, crown reduction and crown thinning, Excel Tree Care offers vista, structural and spineless pruning services.

Vista Tree Pruning

If you are looking to improve the scenery from your home or business and wish to gain a better view or get back visibility you once had to a beautiful setting, vista pruning tree services are for you. Vista pruning trees may involve crown reduction, which involves pruning the upper portion of a tree. Crown reduction can be used by itself or in conjunction with tree thinning, which works to open up the view through eliminating tree branches and limbs. Tree thinning is often utilized for water-front properties because commonly, owners wish to improve their view without cutting down entire trees.

Structural Tree Pruning

This type of pruning is often required for landscape trees as well as those growing close to buildings, sidewalks, homes and parking lots. Structural pruning promotes healthy tree structure, which helps to eliminate hazards created by tree failure. Structural pruning helps improve the architecture of tree branches within the tree’s crown and while structural pruning can be done to a tree of any age, yields the best results when started early in a tree’s life. If wondering if structural pruning is worth the investment, it absolutely is because it minimizes the likelihood of storm damage, disease related problems and future costs. In addition, trees that undergo structural pruning will look better and have an extended useful life.

Spikeless Tree Pruning

Some tree service companies encourage their tree professionals to wear spikes or spurs when servicing trees and while this offers workers a safer way to climb and service trees, it is damaging to trees. Climbing spikes damage trees by leaving holes, which can lead to a variety of issues including infections (bacterial and fungal), diseases, pest infestations, compromised health and in worst case scenarios, tree death. To impose the least amount of injury to our customer’s trees, Excel Tree Care provides spikeless tree pruning services.

All Natural Tree Services You Can Depend On

From tree trimming and cutting to tree removal, Excel Tree Care offers affordable tree service in the North Atlanta Area. Our experts deliver the best care when removing damaged trees.