Land & Brush Clearing Services

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Are you in need of land & brush clearing in or around Atlanta, GA?

If looking for forestry clearing services to help clear a lot for new construction, create an accessible right of way, obtain forest wood or assist with the removal of an invasive species, Excel Tree Care can assist!

Land and brush clearing services include the removal of trees, stumps and other vegetation from wooded areas to make the land usable, safer or to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area. Regardless of the reason for your land clearing needs, our Atlanta area professional tree care experts are ready to help.

Reasons to Have Land Cleared

It is important to remove old, damaged, dead and diseased trees from your property. Removing these damaged trees greatly reduces the risk of an accident such as a tree falling on your property. By hiring a company like Excel Tree Care, you are removing the possibility of a weakened tree damaging your property or causing an injury to you, a family member or guest.

Land and lot clearing includes the removal of trees, bushes and shrubs and is often the first step when developing commercial or residential property. Clearing land makes uninhabitable areas usable for things like houses, businesses, parks and more.

Often when an area of land is crowded with vegetation, many plants are unable to survive as they begin competing with one another. However, if some of the vegetation is cleared from the land, it provides trees and plants with room to grow and easier access to the things they need to thrive (water, nutrients and sunlight). Thinning or clearing land also improves soil health because reducing the amount of overgrowth helps reduce soil erosion.

When land is neglected and trees are left to rot, they become ideal homes for destructive pests like termites. Rotting wood can also harbor disease, which can easily spread to the surrounding plants and trees. This is why it is important to remove rotting and infected trees through proper land clearing.

Vegetation is fuel for wildfires so to reduce fire risk, it is important to eliminate dead trees, overgrown bushes and dead leaves from land. This is especially important for those with forested homesites because in keeping down the volume of vegetation in the zone around a home, you help protect that structure from wildfires.

Why You Should Always Hire Land Clearing Professionals

Compliance is another area to consider because as previously mentioned, land clearing often requires permits. Depending on local regulations, obtaining these permits can be a complicated process. The good news is that professionals that work for land clearing companies like Excel Tree Care understand and are familiar with the process so they will take care of the paperwork required to get the job done. When you hire a land clearing company you can also rest assured knowing the tree professionals tackling the job maintain insurance policies to protect you against financial loss and liability.

Hiring professionals will also help minimize damage as expert excavation contractors understand how to approach land clearing in a way that minimizes erosion and damage to both landscape and existing structures.

Many people believe that land clearing merely involves cutting down trees and hauling away the debris. Contrary to this belief, land clearing is actually quite complicated for it involves various elements. For instance, before even beginning to clear land, proper planning and filing of permits is required.

The act of land clearing is also extremely dangerous because heavy-duty machinery is required for efficiently removing large debris. If the person operating the equipment is inexperienced it poses a hazard to them and those around them, which is why it is important to hire professionals like those that work at Excel Tree Care near Atlanta, GA.

If you are in need of land clearing services in Atlanta, or a surrounding area, it is best to hire a company like Excel Tree Care to handle the job. When left to the professionals, land clearing will be completed in the safest and most efficient way possible. Contact Excel Tree Care for a free estimate for your land clearing needs!

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