Advantages of Pruning Trees During the Late Dormant Season


Winter’s grip is upon us, and Greater Atlanta’s trees are mostly in a slowed-down sort of mode—like more than a few of us. This happens to be an excellent season for getting some tree pruning done!

For the finest tree pruning in Atlanta, look no further than Excel Tree Care: We bring rock-solid expertise—and a Leave-No-Trace mentality—to this important task of arboriculture. Now’s a fine time to get in touch with our team to schedule some winter tree maintenance.

The Advantages of Winter Tree Pruning

tree-pruned-for-winterThe optimal window for tree pruning depends to some extent on the kind of tree we’re talking about. Generally speaking, though, late winter through early spring is the prime target.

Trees in winter dormancy are less susceptible to injury – or invasion by pests or disease – from pruning activities. Pruning during this season also sets the stage for the most vigorous flush of new growth as spring unfolds, as the pruned tree gets to allocate more of its energy and resources to buds on the branches and twigs left behind after some selective cutting.

Another advantage to winter tree pruning? Well, at least when it comes to deciduous trees, there’s no better time to get a full sense of a canopy’s shape and vigor than in its wintertime leaflessness. This makes it simple and efficient for a skillful arborist to strategize the very best pruning approach for the tree.

Winter pruning is not only about maintaining the general vigor of a tree, but also removing dangerous, obstructive, or otherwise problematic limbs, boosting the safety and sightlines of your property in a season when the work has the lowest impact on the tree.

Common Pitfalls With Tree Pruning

It’s essential to time your tree pruning well. Pruning too early – say, in the late fall – can promote ill-timed new growth that’s then vulnerable to cold damage.

And it’s best to leave serious tree pruning to the experts. It’s all too easy to remove too much of a branch—or remove branches wholesale that really ought to remain—if you don’t know what you’re doing. Plus, this sort of work can be hazardous, given the tools involved and the real threat of falling.

Winter Tree Pruning Services in Atlanta From Excel Tree Care

From structural pruning to vista pruning, reach out to the Excel Tree Care team for your winter tree pruning needs in the North Atlanta metro area! We offer free quotes as well as 24/7 emergency assistance, and you can always count on us for the highest-quality arboriculture emphasizing a Leave-No-Trace approach.

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