Benefits of Using Land Clearing to Remove Fire Risk

Professional Land Clearing

Summer is the season homeowners in North Metro Atlanta look forward to as it’s time to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine with friends and family doing outdoor activities and cookouts in the backyard. A downside to the season is thunderstorms that create hazardous lightning strikes, which can be an instigator in starting an unexpected fire on uncleared land.

Potential Fire Hazard

For homes with a natural wooded section, there are usually fallen tree limbs and branches, dead leaves, decaying stumps, dry twigs, and assorted vegetation growing and winding its way through the property. While the setting may be a soothing site and environmentally friendly for birds and area wildlife, the uncleared land can pose a hazard and a threat to your home and the surrounding area.

During the summer when temps are high and everything is dry, the trees, tree debris, vegetation, and accumulated dead leaves are like kindling ready to be ignited. Any one of these items can be the source of a fire if struck by lightning from an unexpected thunderstorm. To keep your home and property safe from an unintentional fire, consider having the land cleared by a professional service such as Excel Tree Care.

Benefits of Land Clearing Professionals

Clearing the property is not something to be attempted as a do-it-yourself project. It takes careful planning, experience in clearing techniques, the proper equipment, and the necessary permits to do the job safely and in compliance with city, county, or state regulations.

Our highly trained expert team of professionals at Excel Tree Care understand the lay of the land and the best way to approach clearing land safely, efficiently, and legally. Our company is fully licensed and insured, which means you can use our land clearing services with confidence. As a family-owned business, we treat your land as if it were our own because we understand the importance of safety to your home and family as well as respecting the integrity of the property.

Our process for land clearing services is thorough and straightforward with a focus on providing superior service to our customers and quality care for the well-being of their property. We approach each step carefully to ensure while we are doing a job, we are not causing any harm to surrounding areas with our equipment and machinery. Our goal is to leave no trace that can have a negative impact on your land while still achieving the end result of clearing the property to prevent potential fires.

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This summer, focus on prevention and protection from fires with our land clearing service by one of our expert technicians. Contact us for a free quote, or fill out our convenient online form or email us letting us know you’d like to schedule an appointment. We’re ready when you are.