Guide to Tree Pruning in Spring


Pruning is an essential mechanism for maintaining the health and vibrancy of our trees and shrubs as well as their desired shape, and for protecting property. Spring is one of the main times of year for pruning, though when and how you should prune depends on the given species or cultivar and other specific factors.

Here at Excel Tree Care, we offer a variety of tree-pruning services as part of the expert arboriculture we provide throughout the North Atlanta Metro area.

The Importance of Atlanta Tree Pruning

Pruning is used to accomplish multiple goals and to respond to numerous kinds of situations. A tree whose branches are impeding upon buildings, power lines, or neighboring properties is a candidate for judicious pruning. Damaged or diseased limbs—a very real threat to safety and property—should be removed, not least ahead of spring storms.

Tree growth that impedes visibility—whether from an aesthetic standpoint, as when scenic sightlines are blocked, or from a safety standpoint—can be remedied by pruning. The same goes for raising the base of a tree canopy or simply removing wayward boughs to facilitate necessary clearance for vehicle access.

Pruning can be used to maintain a desired crown shape or density. And it can stimulate healthy new growth and “unlock” shaded-out parts of a canopy.

pruned-tree-in-springWhen / What to Prune in the Spring

For many trees and shrubs, late winter and early spring is the best time to prune. This lessens the chance that the resulting new growth is exposed to cold damage—a common problem when trees are unwisely pruned in late fall or early winter—and can enhance the vigor of springtime budding, leaf-out, and flowering.

Generally speaking, spring-flowering ornamental species should be pruned after they bloom, while summer-flowing kinds should be pruned in late winter/early spring.

Atlanta Tree Pruning Services From Excel Tree Care

Whether you’re trying to generally raise or shape a tree canopy, or you need damaged, obstructive, or overgrown limbs removed, look no further than Excel Tree Care for top-quality tree-pruning services in the northern Atlanta metro area.

Pruning attempted by non-professionals can result in damage to trees, and can be extremely dangerous to boot. Leave it to the professionals at Excel Tree Care! We can help you evaluate whether spring is an appropriate time to prune a particular tree, and carry out the best method for the good of the tree and the safety of your property. Among the specific pruning methods we offer are vista pruning (crown thinning) and structural pruning (crown reduction), among others.

We can be reached here at the Excel Tree Care website as well as by calling (404) 964-6508 or using our online contact form. Contact us for a free quote or to run some pruning questions by us today!