How to Recognize Signs of Winter Stress in Your Trees


Winter can take a real toll on our trees around Greater Atlanta, especially following recent unseasonably cold below freezing temperatures.  It’s essential to keep a close eye on the condition of your trees all year-round, of course, but wintertime demands especially close attention.

At Excel Tree Care, we serve tree-owners all across the northern metro area of Atlanta, and can help you evaluate winter-stressed or damaged trees and take steps to mitigate any resultant problems – including, if necessary, full tree removal done in a Leave-No-Trace manner.

Winter Tree Damage & Tree Stress

Any number of winter conditions can induce stress or outright damage in your trees. These certainly include injuries sustained during severe winter weather. Around these parts, that includes the occasional snowstorms – with heavy, wet snow on evergreen branches being particularly problematic – as well as ice storms, freezing rain, and high winds.

But less dramatic winter weather can also cause problems. Sharp temperature extremes between sun-blasted afternoons and cold nights can promote sunscald and frost cracks in bark, which can harm the tree in and of themselves and also ultimately lead to secondary infections and infestations.

Some years, winter cold arrives early – or there isn’t much of an intervening, gentle fall cool-down – which can kill tissues of trees that haven’t had the chance to “harden off” on their normal timetable.

Cold, drying winds, salt damage off roadways or walks, and winter drought or under-watering may promote browning of evergreen leaves and needles. Such discoloration can also be a sign of a host of other problems, too, including issues underground with the roots.

Nipping Winter Tree Damage in the “Bud”

winter-tree-damage-after-Atlanta-ice-event“Widowmaker”-style deadwood hanging in a tree canopy after a winter windstorm or ice event can be extremely hazardous to life, limb, and property alike. Assess your trees after winter weather events so you can quickly identify any such hazards and promptly remove them (with the help of Excel Tree Care, of course!).

Some winter tree issues, including mild amounts of sunscald or limited foliage die-off, don’t require much in the way of treatment. Others may signify a major underlying problem that needs to be addressed to avoid further damage or even the death of the tree.

It’s important in such cases to have a professional arborist evaluate your tree’s condition and do everything possible to determine the actual primary cause, which of course determines the best treatment strategy.

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