How Tree Cabling & Bracing Can Help Protect Your Trees From Summer Storms

small tree cabled for summer protection

We’re right in the midst of one of the typically stormiest stretches on the Atlanta-area calendar. With severe thunderstorms and gusty winds a fixture of this time of year, it’s essential to make sure your trees are as protected as they can be—and that storm-damaged specimens are properly attended to.

Here at Excel Tree Care, we can help bolster vulnerable trees ahead of strong storms through our tree-cabling and bracing services: just some of the expert tree care we offer throughout the North Atlanta Metro Area!

Summer Storm Risk to Your Trees

Sparked by simple daytime heating and high dew points, or set off by passing fronts or other weather impulses, thunderstorms are common in Atlanta during our often torrid and muggy summertime stretch. Our area typically sees more than 50 thunderstorm days a year, with July on average the most lightning-licked month of all. Tornadoes are a possibility in severe thunderstorms, especially the variety known as supercells, defined by rotating updrafts.

Thunderstorms pose a number of risks to trees. The most significant is the wind associated with them. Outflow from a thunderstorm produces a gust front—often marked by a shelf cloud or roll cloud—which can be quite strong. The thunderstorm downdrafts that produce outflow winds can also cause severe downbursts capable of major property damage. Downbursts ahead of multicell thunderstorm “squall lines” can speed up part of the storm front, producing a “bow echo” on radar.

From standard gust fronts to intense downbursts, thunderstorm winds can break off branches or uproot trees, particularly those with preexisting structural problems. Imbalanced trees may also topple at least partly due to intense soaking of the soil from torrential thunderstorm downpours. It goes without saying all of that makes such a tree a hazard to life, limb, and property.

Of course, there’s always the chance of a direct lightning strike to a tree during a thunderstorm. Remember that lightning can strike at least 10 miles away from the thunderhead that produces the bolt.

How Tree Cabling & Tree Bracing Can Help You Prepare for Storms

set of three trees cabled for storm protection

Used alone or in conjunction, cables and bracing rods can help shore up a tree that’s got some structural issues making it more precarious in storm winds. Cabling a tree can help better support heavy boughs and other elements of a lopsided or imbalance canopy, which in a strong gale might drop branches or even fall over.

Bracing rods can be used to protect a cracking trunk or splitting bough, quite liable to break apart otherwise in strong outflow or downdraft gusts.

Turn to Excel Tree Care for Tree Bracing, Cabling, and Other Expert Tree Care Services in North Metro Atlanta

It’s vital to leave tree cabling and tree bracing to the experts: This is dangerous work that, furthermore, can damage a tree if improperly or inappropriately applied.

Here at Excel Tree Care, we can help you assess the trees on your property to determine whether cabling and/or bracing could make them more structurally sound. With our 24-7 emergency tree care services, furthermore, we’re always available to help you safely remove limbs or entire trees that have been damaged in the wake of a storm.

Get in touch with the Excel Tree Care team here at the website, filling out our contact form, or by calling us at (404)-964-6508.