How Tree Trimming Can Help Elevate Your Landscaping


Well-planned and properly executed tree trimming can go a long way toward bettering the look of your landscaping—and, in conjunction, beefing up your property value!

A neglected or poorly tended tree can quickly become on the unsightly side of things, suffering from overgrowth, dieback, maybe an expansion of deadwood. Such trees often pose a safety hazard, as diseased or injured boughs and branches—not to mention those that are simply naturally senescing through the tree’s own self-pruning mechanisms—can fall unexpectedly, damaging property (or worse). But the aesthetic element shouldn’t be ignored either.

Expert tree trimming—and, if necessary, tree removal—can enhance your landscaping while protecting life, limb, and structures. For these kinds of services in the North Metro Atlanta area, look no further than Excel Tree Care!

The Landscaping Benefits of Tree Trimming & Pruning

properly-trimmed-treePruning can help bring out the best natural shape to a tree crown, allowing a particular species or variety the opportunity to strut its stuff (visually speaking) to the fullest. Trimming can rebalance an off-kilter canopy, and eliminate dying or dead limbs that detract from a tree’s beauty as well as threaten its health and pose a potential danger. Pruning can also invigorate a tree, promoting bountiful new growth and productive blooms.

But the beautification effects of thoughtfully pursued trimming extend beyond the tree in question itself. This kind of tree maintenance can dramatically open up sightlines, framing desirable yardscape, garden, or home-facade views. And it can allow sunlight into previously shaded-out corners of your property, potentially improving the growth of other trees as well as shrubs and ornamental ground cover.

Expert Tree Trimming & Tree Removal Services in North Atlanta From Excel Tree Care

Improve foliage, maintain plant health, and sculpt your landscaping into a more eye-catching environment (thereby upgrading your home’s “curb appeal”) through judicious tree trimming and pruning.

But don’t simply rush headlong into the task: Improperly done pruning may actually result in more tree injury or death than does pest infestation. Too many homeowners assume they can pull out a pair of loppers and fix up a sad-looking canopy, or take out a declining branch, with a few deft moves. Improper trimming can cause mechanical damage and invite disease or pests.

It’s really best, therefore, to leave major trimming and pruning jobs—not to mention tree removal, which can be a hazardous undertaking indeed—to the experts. For vista pruning, crown reduction, and other tree pruning as well as tree removal services (including 24-7 emergency assistance) in the North Atlanta Metro area, get in touch with the team here at Excel Tree Care! Give us a call at (4094) 964-6508 or drop us a line over the website.