Preparing Trees & Shrubs for Spring

Spring’s in the air, which puts more than a few folks’ minds to gardening and landscaping. That’s understandable, of course, given the whole seasonal-reawakening deal beginning to unfold across the plant world here in North Georgia.

Alongside mapping out garden beds, ordering bulbs and seeds, and giving that lawn equipment a good post-winter once-over, now’s a great time to do some basic maintenance on your trees and shrubs.

Here at Excel Tree Care, we offer an array of arboriculture services to customers across the northern Atlanta metro area, so we’re ready and able to assist with any and all tree work this spring.

Structural Tree Pruning & Other Spring Tree & Shrub Care in Atlanta, GA

Spring is an excellent time to prune many trees and shrubs, as the new growth that results isn’t at risk of cold damage and coincides with the general energetic rev-up associated with the start of the growing season.

Trees and shrubs that flower before May should, generally speaking, be pruned after they bloom, while it’s often appropriate to prune those species and varieties that flower after May right ahead of their spring growth. There are exceptions, though, so it’s best to do some research—and consult the experts—before lopping away.

The onset of spring growth is also a good time to pursue so-called renewal pruning: a major form of pruning warranted, for example, for overgrown woody shrubs. Renewal pruning involves cutting such shrubs down to between a foot and half a foot above the ground. They often put on a vigorous springtime flush of growth after this cutting-back, and can be judiciously pruned to encourage a more desirable branching pattern and stature.

Many broadleaf shrubs handle renewal pruning just fine (though not all—boxwood, for example), while many conifers don’t. Shrubs that aren’t good candidates for renewal pruning can, in many cases, still be transplanted away from undesirable locations, if that’s the goal.

Spring can be a good time to remove branches overhanging or encroaching on homes, blocking sightlines, and the like. And it’s also a good season to assess trees for any damage or senescence sustained over the winter, as the dying or dead boughs, crowns, or side trunks can pose a risk to life, limb, and property.

Turn to Excel Tree Care for Maintenance & Tree Pruning in Atlanta

manicured trees at Atlanta residenceTree pruning can be dangerous work, needless to say, and if done improperly, it can also definitely threaten the health and well-being of the tree in question—even set it down a road to death.

Trust the expert team at Excel Tree Care for top-quality pruning, residential tree removal, and other arboriculture work this spring. We’re available 24/7 for emergency services. Give us a ring at (404) 964-6508 or drop us a line via our website right here.