Protecting Your Trees During Spring Storm Season


Spring is officially here, and that means Atlanta is rolling right into prime time for storms. The weather can be unruly this time of year—even downright dangerous. That means the cityscape’s trees often take a major beating during these atmospherically volatile months.

Protecting your trees from storm damage—and protecting your property and personal safety from storm-wracked trees—become top priorities for homeowners in springtime Atlanta. That’s where Excel Tree Care can help!

Spring Storms & Other Damaging Weather in the Atlanta Area

Tree damage can result from a variety of weather phenomena during a typical Atlanta spring.

Thunderstorms rapidly become more common as late winter cedes to early spring, and continue to increase in frequency through the summer. (Atlanta typically sees the most thunderstorms of the year during July.) These electrical storms—which in an average year occur on more than 50 days in our region—arise during the spring season both from the passage of cold fronts, which force warm, moist air upwards, and from simple daytime heating, which enhances instability and often produces towering cumulus by afternoon. (Thunderstorms can strengthened or even spawned by Atlanta’s “urban heat island” and the effects of its tall buildings on airflow.)

Thunderstorms can wreak havoc on trees through their strong gusts and outflow winds, not to mention lightning strikes and clattering hailstones. The heavy, even torrential, rainfall that often occurs during thunderstorms—which may cause flash flooding and other problems—can also result in tree damage: Waterlogged soils can make tree toppling more likely, especially when strong winds are in play.


Spring also sees the greatest danger from tornados in the Atlanta area. These tightly rotating funnel clouds spring from thunderstorms and can wield winds stronger than 300 miles per hour, making them the most violent storms in the world. They’re most prevalent here from March to May, with a peak in April.

More “garden-variety” windstorms are also common in spring as well as summer in Atlanta, generated by fronts or temperature/pressure gradients.

Less dramatic but no less significant, late frosts sometimes occur in the spring in Atlanta, with the potential to damage buds and vulnerable new shoots and leaves.

Storm Protection & Emergency Tree Services in Atlanta From Excel Tree Care

Here at Excel Tree Cafe, we offer professional arboriculture services to customers across the North Atlanta Metro area. We can assess your trees for potential vulnerability in storms and take action ahead of time to reduce property damage and other impacts. These actions might include removing dead or damaged limbs, or bolstering leaning or otherwise precarious trees using tree cabling or tree bracing. And our 24/7 emergency tree services include expert tree removal, essential for safe post-storm cleanup.

Reach out to the Excel Tree Care team for a free quote or to schedule a visit by calling (404) 964-6508 or using our online contact form