Residential Tree Removal Requirements for Alpharetta Homeowners

More often than not, homeowners would rather not remove a tree – certainly not when it’s a beloved, long-standing one with a lot of memories and aesthetic benefits associated with it. But sometimes trees or branches become dangerously compromised and unsound, and must be taken out for safety, structural, or environmental reasons.

At Excel Tree Care, we count expert tree and limb removal among our across-the-board arboriculture services here in the North Metro Atlanta area. Proper pruning and tree care can go a long way toward avoiding premature removal of large branches or even the entire tree, but you may run into the reality of having to do so in certain circumstances.

Let’s look at some common warning signs that your tree or some of its canopy may need to be taken down.

Potential Evidence of a Problem Tree or Branch

If a tree has suffered obvious, serious damage – perhaps from storm gusts or lightning, or even a wayward vehicle – you should definitely enlist a professional arborist to assess its structural integrity.

A tree suffering from a serious infection may show such outward symptoms as partial dieback, discolored or malformed foliage, split bark, spongy wood, a significant increase in fungal growth, or the marks of significant insect or woodpecker boring. Stressed trees may also produce an abundance of basal shoots, another potential warning sign to key into.

If you notice multiple dead branches in a tree’s canopy, dangerous in and of themselves as “widowmakers”, have your tree inspected. If half or more of the tree appears to be dead, dying, or damaged, removal’s likely the soundest course of action. Trees may live for decades with partly hollow trunks, but if a third or more of the interior is hollow, there’s a good chance the specimen should be taken down ASAP.

A tree that develops a sudden lean definitely warrants assessment, as does one showing heaved soil around its base.

Trees growing into power lines, or large ones growing less than 20 feet from a home or other structures, are potential candidates for removal as well. Negligent or poorly planned pruning may produce large, low-hanging branches that can obstruct traffic or buildings and pose a hazard; an arborist may need to cut these down, though it’s always better to address such branches when they’re still small. And speaking of pruning, a tree that can no longer be effectively trimmed may have to go as well to avoid major issues down the line.

The last thing you want to do is neglect to attend to a potentially compromised or ailing tree, only to have it fall on your house or car during high winds or heavy rain, or at that random moment when it simply yields to gravity. This could also result in needing emergency tree removal services.

Residential Tree Removal Requirements in the City of Alpharetta

The City of Alpharetta requires those looking to remove living trees from single-family residential properties to submit a formal Tree Removal Permit Application. While taking down dead trees doesn’t mandate the same paperwork, it’s still highly recommended that you supply some basic removal plans to the City Arborist.

Trust the Experts at Excel Tree Care For Top-Quality, Low-Impact Alpharetta Tree Removal

For professional evaluations of potential problem trees or branches in Alpharetta and safe, skillful removal of those that need to go, look no further than Excel Tree Care! Whatever the reason all or part of a tree has to be taken off your property, you can trust us to do the job with meticulous care, minimal impact to your yard-scape, and the well-being of surrounding trees foremost in mind.

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