Should You Prune Your Trees in Winter?


Pruning done at the wrong time of year can be more destructive than advantageous to a tree (or any woody plant). This time of year – and, in particular, late winter into the earliest spring – is the ideal time to prune many trees here in the Greater Atlanta area.

For the best results, turn to certified arborists and tree-care professionals when it comes to pruning. Here at Excel Tree Care, we can help you achieve the best look and most vigorous growth in your yardscape’s trees while delivering other benefits to your property.

The Many Benefits of Winter Tree Pruning in Atlanta


Winter dormancy sees trees slow down activity to protect themselves against cold temperatures and respond to the lean season as far as photosynthesis is concerned. This dormant state, in turn, makes a tree more resilient to the inherent injury that comes with pruning.

Pruning in late winter not only minimizes harm to the still-dormant tree, but sets the stage for vigorous new growth as spring unfolds shortly thereafter. The tree can funnel more of its energy to the buds of its remaining branches, producing a healthy and productive crop of leaves and flowers. It’s all about the right timing, after all. A pruning job in the early fall, for example, can result in a flush of tender new growth on a tree which then becomes highly susceptible to cold damage as temperatures drop.

Late winter is also the most desirable time in general to prune summer-blooming woody plants.

Additionally, late-winter pruning means less chance of pruned sites becoming avenues of pest infestation or disease. It can also target likely sites of springtime infestation, such as boughs that are overgrown or low-hanging enough to touch the ground in full leaf.

There are also sound safety reasons to prune trees in winter. Recent years have seen Atlanta hit with winter storms bringing snow, ice, and high winds. Removing dead, dying, or overloaded branches more susceptible to damage in such weather can better protect the tree and your property during the winter.

You also enjoy some simple logistical benefits to winter tree pruning. When it comes to deciduous trees, the seasonal barrenness makes it easier to discern the fundamental shape of the tree, which makes proper pruning much easier. Naturally, it also often makes dead or compromised wood tucked into the depths of the tree crown a lot easier to pinpoint.

Expert Atlanta Tree Pruning From Excel Tree Care

Even at the right time of year, pruning may result in damage or other undesirable effects to a tree if done crudely or improperly. Trust the experts at Excel Tree Care for the most skillful structural tree pruning in Atlanta!

We’d love to assess your trees and implement the most beneficial pruning during this prime window of late winter and early spring. Get in touch with our team at (404) 964-6508 or via our online contact form.