Understanding the Differences Between Stump Grinding & Stump Removal


Whether you’ve had a tree professionally removed, or one’s come down unexpectedly in a storm or high-wind event, you’re likely wondering what to do about the stump left behind.

Stumps left to sit on a property can cause a number of problems. To avoid these issues, the stump can be eliminated either by grinding or by complete stump removal. Here at Excel Tree Care, we can help you decide on the best course of action—and carry out the stump job thoroughly and safely. In the meantime, though, here’s a bit of background on stump grinding vs. stump removal, and why these can be important yard-management measures.

Stump Issues

damaged-tree-stump-requiring-removalSome homeowners may be tempted to leave a stump alone after a tree-removal job. But there can be significant drawbacks to going this route.

For one thing, not everybody considers a slowly rotting stump all that attractive. Such a feature may well degrade your property value and curb appeal.

Furthermore, the natural decomposition process of the stump—which may play out for many years—can involve carpenter ants, termites, and other insect pests, which could conceivably then spread to other trees or structures on your property.

A stump is also an obstacle: to mowing, weed-whacking, planting, and other landscaping and gardening efforts. Sometimes the roots of the tree survive (depending on the species and the circumstances), and end up causing damage to foundations, walkways, or water/sewer pipes. A stump or its associated roots may relentlessly produce suckers that need to be dealt with.

Depending on its size and rate of decay, a stump can also pose a safety hazard, not least to small children who may see it as an inviting plaything.

Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal

tree-professional-removing-tree-stumpFor any number of the above reasons, therefore, many people opt for getting rid of stumps. This can be done through stump grinding, which involves the aboveground portion of the stump being pulverized into wood chips. Or it can be accomplished via stump removal, in which the entire stump and its associated root-mass are dug out.

As you can imagine, stump removal is generally the more involved process, and results in quite the hole in the ground. Stump grinding tends to be a more straightforward, less-intensive, and less-expensive solution, though it leaves the roots in the ground. Those will gradually decay, however. The mounds of chips stump grinding produces may be used to fill in the lesser hole produced, and/or as mulch around the property.

Turn to Excel Tree Care for Expert Stump Grinding

Whether a stump grinder is being employed or a big stump and its extensive roots are being excavated, dealing effectively with a stump on your property is best left to the experts. Needless to say, it can be physically and logistically demanding—and even dangerous—work.

For stump removal around North Atlanta, reach out to Excel Tree Care! Based in Alpharetta, we serve customers across the greater community, and have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to tackle any stump job you might be facing. Get in touch for a free quote by calling (404) 964-6508.