What To Do If Your Tree Has Been Struck By Lightning

Tree Trunk Splitting From Lightning

When a storm is brewing, homeowners in north metro Atlanta with trees on their property can anticipate the possibility of problems due to strong winds and lightning strikes. When a tree is struck by lightning, taking steps to ensure both the property and the tree are safe is a priority.

Safety Tips for a Tree Struck by Lightning

A lightning strike or multiple strikes can take just a few seconds and the results can be visually apparent. Sometimes the damage is unnoticeable. Even though the lighting has targeted the tree’s interior, it may appear normal for a while. If the strike does produce signs of damage, these can include large portions of missing bark, the trunk has a slit or crack, bark appears to be burned or charred, and the canopy has minimal leaves or those that are attached are wilted.

A tree that has experienced a lightning strike can pose a danger to residents, pets, and property due to falling or dangling limbs and branches. When trees take a lightning strike directly, the tree suffers severe internal injury, but it does not automatically mean the tree will die.

When assessing the tree’s damage, do the following:

  • Wait a few minutes before approaching as a residual electric charge may still be in the immediate area where the strike occurred.
  • Avoid standing under any hanging branches or limbs.
  • Safely prune damaged/dangling branches and limbs, if possible.
  • Provide the tree with ample water.
  • Add a small amount of fertilizer.
  • Contact a professional arborist to evaluate if the tree is salvageable or needs to be removed.
  • Call 911 if you see a downed power line. Do not attempt to remove a tree or tree limbs from a downed line. Stay clear of the area.
  • If you suspect you need other emergency tree removal services, call a licensed and insured professional in your area.

Even if the tree survives a lightning strike, it can pose a problem to other trees in your yard over time. Because of its weakened state due to the electric current(s) damage, it may be more susceptible to insects and disease, which can attack / infect other trees.

If you need to have a tree removed immediately, whether it is after a lightning strike or after observing it to see if it will survive, use the expert services of a professional company with experienced technicians to do the job safely and efficiently.

Reasons to Use Professional Tree Removal Services

When in need of emergency tree removal, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our family-owned business employs licensed and insured technicians that are fast, reliable, and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We use the latest techniques and equipment incorporating cutting-edge technology to always provide our customers with quality services. At Excel Tree Care our goal is to do a thorough job of removing a damaged tree utilizing specific safety measures to ensure minimal impact to the scheduled work area.
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