What to Know About Summer Tree Pruning


With summer upon us here in Greater Atlanta, yard- and lawncare are taking up a lot of people’s time and attention—per usual! How about tree pruning?

Well, for the most part, this isn’t really prime season for pruning your trees. But in certain cases, some pruning may be a good idea—even essential. Here at Excel Tree Care, we offer a wide variety of expert tree-pruning services, carried out with the health of the tree—and, thanks to our leave-no-trace methodology, the well-being of your property as a whole—in mind.

Summer Tree Pruning


Whether it’s a fruit tree, an ornamental, or a veteran shade tree, summer often isn’t the ideal period to prune, given this is the heart of the growing season. Many trees are best pruned in late winter or early spring, when they’re still mostly dormant and the potentially injurious impacts of cutting-back are minimized. Summer pruning can remove too much foliage when a tree’s needing it for full-on photosynthesis, and conducted later in the season it may encourage a flush of new growth in the fall that makes the tree more vulnerable to cold damage down the line.

But there are definitely instances when judiciously done summer tree pruning is warranted, and perhaps outright essential. A tree with unhealthy or damaged branches, for example, should be expeditiously pruned. A localized infestation or infection, or damage from a summertime thunderstorm, may end up requiring some targeted pruning.

And sometimes pruning this time of year is simply unavoidable given the growth of twigs or boughs too close to powerlines or structures, or degrading sightlines to a hazardous degree.

Turn to Excel Tree Care for Atlanta Tree Pruning Services

Whatever time of year it’s done, pruning is often best left to the experts. Too many homeowners end up damaging their trees with improperly executed pruning, and, furthermore, the job can be exceedingly dangerous.

You’ll get the highest-quality arbor care in the North Atlanta Metro Area by turning to Excel Tree Care! We can evaluate your trees and determine whether summertime pruning is a good idea, and, if so, carry out the job safely and efficiently, keeping stress to your tree—and impacts to your property—at a minimum. From vista and structural pruning to crown-clearing or raising, we provide a whole host of tree-pruning services that can ensure healthy, vigorous, and attractive canopies that don’t pose a safety hazard.

And don’t forget that we offer 24-7 emergency tree care services, which can come in real handy during Atlanta’s stormy summer season. This is a time of year when heavy downpours and gusty winds can do a real number on those fully leafed-out tree crowns, and we’re here to help out with branch or entire tree removal if necessary.

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