Why Is My Tree Losing Leaves In The Summer?

It’s summertime and living should be easy, but that may not be the case for trees losing their leaves in the metro Atlanta area. While the climate in the metro area is considered subtropical with four distinct seasons, summer tends to be sizzling and humid, which can take a toll on trees.

Water and Temperature

During the summer, trees with leaves turning yellow and continuously falling to the ground may be experiencing leaf drop for several reasons. One common reason is the tree itself is attempting to adapt to conditions in the environment.

During the spring, trees grow leaves in abundance especially when the conditions are in harmony with Mother Nature. This means temperatures aren’t boiling hot and there is plenty of rain to keep the soil moist.

When summer begins, the opposite conditions are in effect, which can result in minimal to no significant rainfall and rising temperatures. This combination puts a strain on the trees. With no rain, there isn’t enough water to keep the soil well-watered and moist, which means the abundance of leaves the tree produced in the spring will begin to show signs of stress such as curling, turning yellow or tan, and falling from the tree. It may seem like the loss of leaves would be detrimental to the tree’s health, but it can be a normal reaction to environmental conditions.

Summer Leaf Loss

How trees react to heat and drought conditions depends on the species. Some trees are more tolerant of environmental changes while other types of trees are not. Something else to consider is that unlike well-established and mature trees that have a strong multi-root network that allows them to find and access water, newly planted trees are at a disadvantage because their root network isn’t as expansive. This limits the range the roots have access to for water and results in newly planted trees being more susceptible to leaf loss.

Tree Disease

When leaves show numerous spots or discolored areas, this is a sign of leaf disease. Depending on the species, some trees are more likely to experience leaf disease than others. When leaves become diseased, the result is leaf loss.

Other Leaf Loss Issues

If leaves start dropping early in the season and multiple branches appear to be dying and twigs from these branches are brittle versus pliable, chances are the tree is stressed and its health is declining. These are clear signs the tree may be suffering from something more serious than normal seasonal conditions. Also, trees that have lost more than 50 percent of their leaves year after year is another sign of a more serious problem. Another reason for leaf loss is if the trees are infested with insects.

Calling in the Professionals

For metro area homeowners in Alpharetta, Marietta, and Cumming concerned about leaf loss, contact Excel Tree Care. Once an appointment is scheduled, our certified professional can identify the problem and determine a safe plan of action.