Will Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights Damage your Trees?

man hanging christmas lights

It’s that time of year again: the festive season, when many homeowners love decorating their homes and yards for the holidays (and engaging in a little friendly neighborhood competition, maybe, in the process). That decorating often includes snazzing up yardscape trees with dazzling Christmas or seasonal lights. But does this practice do any harm to […]

Preparing Your Trees for Cooler Weather

trees in georgia yard when weather starts to get cold

Here in Greater Atlanta, we don’t experience the kind of brutal winter weather that much of the country suffers from – and, hey, you don’t hear us complaining about that, either! That said, wintertime in North Georgia can still pack a nasty punch: from subfreezing cold snaps to ice storms and occasional snowfalls. It’s important, […]

What is Hypoxylon Canker?

Hypoxylon Canker on tree trunk

Diagnosing and treating or otherwise addressing diseases of trees can be complicated, given the diversity of pathogens that can be found in Greater Atlanta. A notable disease we sometimes run into here at Excel Tree Care is Hypoxylon canker, a fungal malady that can affect oaks and certain other hardwood species. Hypoxylon canker can, unfortunately, […]

What Are the Tree Removal Requirements in Milton, GA?

damaged tree that needs removal in Milton, GA

Despite the many tangible and intangible benefits trees provide—not least boosting property value—there are times when they must be removed for safety, logistical, or other practical reasons.  Trees that are afflicted by disease or infestation (revealed, perhaps, by wilting or discolored foliage, oozing cavities, or splits and cracks in the bark), have a canopy that’s […]

When’s the Best Time of Year for Tree Crown Maintenance?

Atlanta tree requiring crown maintenance

Easing as we are into late winter, now marks an excellent time to pursue crown maintenance for many types of trees. The good news? In the Excel Tree Care team, you’ve got top Atlanta tree professionals ready to tackle the job with skill, expertise, and leave-no-trace workmanship! Tree Crown Maintenance in Late Winter & Early […]

The Most Common Tree Diseases in Metro Atlanta

diseased tree leaves in Atlanta

Disease is easily one of the most significant problems homeowners run into when it comes to the trees of their yardscape. Infection can be part of the natural aging process of a tree, or the result of injury or stress. Regardless, a diseased tree is a big concern on more than one level. Obviously, we […]