Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Preventative Tree Removal? 

homeowners insurance policy

If you’re a homeowner, you may be wondering whether your homeowners insurance policy covers preventative tree removal. The answer to this question is not straightforward. In general, homeowners insurance policies do not cover preventative tree removal, which is the process of removing a tree that is healthy and not posing an immediate threat to your […]

Top Tree Hazards in Atlanta and How to Mitigate Them

tree removal to avoid potential hazards

As Atlanta’s leading tree service company, Excel Tree Care is dedicated to not only preserving the beauty of the city’s urban canopy but also ensuring the safety of its residents. Trees provide numerous benefits, but they can also pose hazards if not properly maintained. Keep reading as we discuss the top tree hazards in Atlanta […]

Navigating Responsibility for a Fallen Tree

determining who is responsible for a fallen tree

Trees, while magnificent, can sometimes become hazardous due to factors beyond anyone’s control. Factors such as weather events, soil conditions, and disease can weaken a tree’s structural integrity, making it prone to falling. Determining responsibility for a fallen tree is influenced by the circumstances surrounding the incident. Scenario 1: Tree on Your Property Falls on […]

8 Tips to Restoring Your Lawn After Tree Removal

repairing lawn after tree removal

At Excel Tree Care, we understand the significance of trees in enhancing the beauty and ecological balance of your property. However, there are situations when the removal of a tree becomes imperative for reasons such as safety, visual appeal, or practicality. After the tree has been successfully removed, it becomes paramount to restore your lawn […]

Should You Schedule Tree Removal in the Fall?


It’s hard to believe, but fall is in the air already here in Greater Atlanta. This is a fine time of year to pursue any number of around-the-yard maintenance tasks and pre-winter prep work. How about pruning, cutting, or removing trees? The Challenges & Realities of Branch & Twig Management in the Fall Generally speaking, […]

What to Do When Your Tree Has Caused Foundation Damage to Your Home


Some of the common types of damage trees can inflict on a property are rather more obvious than others. Many homeowners are aware of the hazards that falling branches—let alone toppling trees—pose to buildings, vehicles, and naturally a human being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Other kinds of damage are more subtle—and […]

Common Causes of a Half Dead Tree


Do you have a tree on your property that appears to be half-dead? The sight of a tree with full foliage and vigorous branch growth on one side and bare deadwood on the other is a strange one, to be sure, but not at all uncommon. A number of factors can create this half-dead phenomenon, […]

The Dangers of DIY Tree Removals & Trimming

man incorrectly using chainsaw on tree

It can be incredibly tempting to trim, limb, or fell trees on your property by yourself. Incredibly tempting, but also incredibly dangerous. Costly damage and devastating injury—even death—may result from tackling DIY tree-care work. In most cases, this is complicated and risky maintenance best left to professional arborists, who bring to the task the expert […]

When to Consider Removing Bradford Pear Trees From Your Yard

Bradford Pear Tree

One of the flashiest trees on the streets of Metro Atlanta is the Bradford Pear. It’s a justly celebrated cultivar of the Callery Pear, a native fruit tree of China and Korea, which has become enormously popular as an ornamental in cities and towns all across the country. The Bradford Pear presents many worthy attributes, […]

Are Tree Removal Permits Required for Homeowners in Johns Creek, GA?

tree being removed in Johns Creek GA

Depending on the situation, you as a homeowner may definitely want a tree on your property to come down: Maybe it’s blocking a desired view, hampering your landscaping or gardening plans, or located too close for comfort to your house. Or you may definitely prefer not removing a cherished tree, but you worry it may […]